Humpback whale

Fantastic sea monsters

Whether it be terrifying illusive creatures or truly astonishing animals, ocean, lake and river "monsters" have fascinated humanity since the beginning of time.

Already in the Bible, the large whale that swallowed Jonah, the terrible Leviathan has frightened seamen and stimulated the imagination of people on the land.

For a long time, seafarers were convinced that the ocean - the devil’s kingdom- was inhabited by scary monsters, seen as ship wreckers eager for human flesh, like the krakens, sirens, whales, serpents, giant sharks...

At the time when the natural sciences were in their infancy, the Ancient Times and Renaissance naturalists were fascinated by these enormous, frightening, and strange creatures. Surrounding them throughout the centuries, the legends, myths and realities continue incessantly to mingle.

Come in and learn more about marine animal behavior, although sometimes surprising, you will learn about the myths and legends surrounding them.